We've teamed up with Harris Jewelers for The Hope Scholarship

Sheila went live today and spoke about how we've teamed up with Harris Jewelers for our Hope Scholarship.
Over the past two years, we have presented six local high school seniors each a check and honored them at their graduations in front of their peers, parents, and school faculty. Each scholarship was based on their personal character. It is such an amazing experience to give this kind of accolade. Kelli and Sheila believe character is the most important thing you can honor. After all, what good is athleticism without character? What good is beauty without character? What good is wealth, prestige, or intelligence without character?
Throughout the years we have been blessed to donate to Seeds of Hope, We Love Birthday Parties, PRG and Reading for Change. We do not want to stop there. Our hearts are for serving others and we can't do this without help from you! So, from the bottom of hearts, THANK YOU!
Nominations can still be sent into thehopescholarshipcorp@gmail.com
We hope you will order your bracelet today and support a small business, our non-profit and some amazing seniors!



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