We鈥檝e realized that some of you might not know who the owners of Echo are... so we wanted to introduce ourselves!

We鈥檝e realized that some of you might not know who the owners of Echo are... so we wanted to introduce ourselves!

Have you ever heard of two women starting a business together, but only knowing each other for a few months? Well, that鈥檚 us 馃槀, Sheila and Kelli. 馃憢馃徑

We started our business 5.5 years ago as a traveling boutique, our husbands called us two moms in mini vans. We quickly grew to our brick and mortar store front in Troy. From the moment you walk in, we want you to feel our love for people, fashion and beautiful things. Our goal is not just to dress women in fabulous clothing, but to make you feel beautiful - - Inside and out! Our store is full of fashionable clothing, as well as beautiful staple pieces, shoes, accessories, handbags and home d茅cor. We hope after every visit, you leave our store with a bag full of goodies, a cheerful spirit and met some new people that you can now call friends.

Now... a few fun facts about us - written from the perspective of each other! 馃槵馃檲馃槀

From Kelli:
Let me tell you about my business partner, Sheila:

She is a pastor鈥檚 wife and has 4 kiddos and has been married for 20 years

She鈥檚 the biggest-hearted person who has your back no matter what!

She can get feisty, but then she calms down and brings us all back to reality.

I stress her out probably more than anyone else

Social settings are for sure not her favorite, but she puts her big girl pants on and handles it.

She is unbelievably gorgeous

She is a great public speaker

She will pray for you when you need it

She loves her some La Fiesta

She is an animal lover and might have a small zoo at her house. Dogs, cats, chickens, racoons鈥︹ I can say this, because the only animal you will ever catch at my house is a dog.

From Sheila:
Here鈥檚 a little about Kelli

If you need something done - Kelli鈥檚 your girl. She can get an amazing amount of items checked off her list in no time at all.

Everyone THINKS she the tougher one, but her heart is allllll mush inside.

She loves deep, and hard. Don鈥檛 even think about messing with her husband and 3 girls.

She鈥檚 way more stylish than me.

She likes adventure - she gets me into all kinds of trouble 馃ぃ (like getting matching tattoos without telling our husbands)

She鈥檚 a city girl. Every animal except dogs scare her, and don鈥檛 even get her started on insects and spiders.... let鈥檚 throw cats in that category, too 馃槣

She鈥檚 a soccer coach, and she means business. She plays to win, on the field and in life.

It hurts her heart when your heart hurts.

She would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it.

She鈥檚 a Michigan fan (But we all still love her)
OH - 馃槣

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